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AG Catering – more than food

When you want to awake all of your senses

AG Catering is the first choice


Catering means, fully said, satisfying all human senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. All the senses are stimulated by achieving the right atmosphere, which makes the event unforgettable. However, tasty food alone is not enough to achieve that. The full experience includes the small things like: creatively arranged napkins, quality cutlery, imaginative colours, accommodating and friendly staff, and everything else that makes catering special. All of that must be ideally matched with the food, to achieve the complete experience that will not be quickly forgotten.


Classic service is the right choice for you if you wish to save yourselves the walk to the buffet table. Each person will get their food served on a plate. It is served in courses, from cold entrées to desserts.


A smorgasbord or a buffet table has everything, from cold entrées, related salads, hot entrées, main courses, desserts…. Everything is in the same place, from which the guests choose the food they want for themselves.

Designed snacks

Mini snacks served on special plates, in small bowls or cups. Snacks filled with various flavours, lovingly made with carefully selected ingredients.

Show cooking

Cooking in front of the guests will make the event more attractive, interesting, a little bit different – in a word, alive. Show cooking supports the preparation of various risottos, pastas and sauces, cutting prosciutto, cooked ham, wood charcoal barbecue…..

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